Flame Detector Testers

Flame Detector Testers are designed to test Flame Detectors with various detecting principles and different mounting positions in maritime, offshore and industrial applications. The Flame Detector Testers are suitable to test UV, UV/IR, UV/IR2, IR, IR2, IR3, Hydrogen IR3, Multispectrum IR Flame Detectors.

Product range Flame Detector Testers

Our product range includes Flame Detector Testers for most brands including Flame Detectors installed in hazardous (EX) areas.

We supply Flame Detector Testers from various brands. Due to our worldwide network and large stock, we are able to deliver the Flame Detector Testers in a short period of time against competitive prices.

Article code Description
Cerberus StabexHF EX Test Lamp
Det-Tronics W867 UV/IR Test Lamp
Det-Tronics W8067S UV/IR Test Lamp
General Monitors TL100 UV Test Lamp
General Monitors TL105 UV/IR Test Lamp
Lavastica LAV-FT-02 UV, IR & UV/IR Test Lamp
NetSafety TL-IR3 IR3 Test Lamp
NetSafety TL-UV UV Test Lamp
NetSafety TL-UV/IR UV/IR Test Lamp
NetSafety TL-MP-KIT Universal Test Lamp
Omniguard Model 540 UV/IR Test Lamp
Omniguard Model 545 UV/IR Test Lamp
Salwico 1155 UV Test Lamp
Salwico 1156 IR Test Lamp
Simtronics LT15 UV/IR & IR3 Test Lamp
Spectrex 20-20-310 Triple IR Simulator
Spectrex 20-20-311 UV/IR Simulator
Spectrex 20-20-312 Single IR Simulator
Spectrex FS-1100 Long Range Flame Simulator IR3
Spectrex FS-1200 Long Range Flame Simulator UV & UV/IR
Spectrex FS-1300 Long Range Flame Simulator Single IR
Spectrex FS-1400 Long Range Flame Simulator Multi IR
SST FT193 UV Test Lamp
SST FT194 UV/IR Test Lamp
Tyco T110/T210 IR Flame Detector Test Kit
Cerberus DX791 Detector Exchanger
Solo 100 Telescopic Access Pole, 4,5m
Solo 101 Telescopic Access Pole, 1.13m
Solo 108 Telescopic Access Pole, 2.5m
Solo 200 Removal Tool
Solo A7 Detector Duster